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Clark To Steamboat Lake
Elk River
Strawberry Park

From the famous Clark General Store to Steamboat Lake State Park

The small,close-knit community of Clark welcomes visitors with a sign that reads, “Population ?” just before you arrive at the quaint (and famous) Clark Store. This combination general store/gas station/deli /liquor store/post office/library sells everything from fishing supplies to fudge. Catch the spectacular view of the Continental Divide to the east as you pass the Home Ranch on your right. Just past this tiny town, Seedhouse Road travels east along the Elk River toward the Mount Zirkel Wilderness. Continuing north on County Road 129 takes you to one of Colorado’s supreme state parks, Steamboat Lake and the historic gold mining town of Hahns Peak.


Homes and land north of Steamboat Springs along the Elk River.

Routt County Road 129, also known as Elk River Road, heads north from Steamboat Springs meandering beside pastoral meadows. With the Continental Divide to the east and the Elk River to the west, the two-lane road winds past historic ranches, newer 35-acre subdivisions and stately ranchettes. The county road heads north from the west side of Steamboat Springs toward the towns of Clark (19 miles) and Hahns Peak (28 miles), and Steamboat Lake State Park (30 miles).

Steamboat Springs, Colorado's hidden gem Strawberry Park

If downtown Steamboat Springs had a backdoor it would be Routt County Road 36. Strawberry Park, on the northern outskirts of downtown, is prized as much for its historic and cultural features as its close proximity to town. Named for the strawberry farms that once adorned this wide arm of the valley, this is the gateway to the famous Strawberry Park Hot Springs, a natural thermal spring open to the public year-round. Buffalo Pass graces the eastern flank of Strawberry Park with access to the Routt National Forest and Mount Zirkel Wilderness. The esteemed Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp resides to the west. This 98-year-old facility has hosted distinguished professionals and celebrities of the performing arts. Homes range from cozy rustic cabins to luxurious mountain retreats.